Shiina Chizuru is studying in the senior academy in the second year. She is incredibly strict and meticulous, which is why she is not very popular among her peers. She is secretly in love with Tsukino-sensei, who meets all her requirements for the “ideal man”. However, the academy employs an old pervert teacher, Tamura-san, who chose Shiina Chizuru-chan as his sex goal. Tamura-sensei has developed a whole plan that will give him the necessary advantage. He throws money from the academic “community” into Tsukino-sensei’s personal belongings, making him a thief-villain, and a little later reveals this “terrible secret” to Chizuru-chan. She is ready to do anything, just to protect and save the honor of Tamura-sensei, with the help of a little trick and blackmail, Tamura-san completely exploits the mind and body of a shrewd chaste anime beauty.

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