Hentai Series: Haji+ Shinchishin

Daiki is a pervert teacher who enjoys watching beautiful girls get embarrassed. He enjoys watching his childhood friend, Hina, go through her shame as he tied her up, played with her, and did other nasty things. However, he got bored and began to look for a new victim for entertainment, he now needs a new “toy” in order to extract maximum pleasure for himself, and in order to get it, he will take advantage of his position … Mina Shijo, a beautiful girl who just becomes A candidate for a new teacher scam, she comes from an ancient family, Mina is a good-natured, bright and cheerful girl who gets along well with everyone. However, she is too naive and frivolous, which is why she is prone to reckless actions, which sometimes lead to rash decisions … She is ideal for Daiki, and he quickly makes a plan, following which she will not be able to refuse him, and will be forced to become his “guinea pig” …

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