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  • Temary 1 year ago

    Hello there! I’m Temary:)

    My friend recommended your site to me! Don’t ask me how he found it haha

    Anyway! I work for advertising network and I do want share the benefits of our network (Galaksion) with more ‘anime’ sites. I know that’s it’s hard to maintain sites. According to my friend donations are not the way out:c

    Tell me, do you consider extra monetizing of your traffic? My average partners with anime sites earn 200$ daily with pop ads, and 50-130$ with banner ads:)

    Also another popular format on similar sites is Site-button, maybe publishers use it like instead of donations, they ask users to click on the button in purpose. The more clicks the more money. It can look like anime girl;)
    Hope this letter finds you well. If you don’t reply this email, I’ll send you a full offer I have for you, in more commercialised form 😅 But personally I prefer less formal communication. Alive person to Alive person!
    You can contact me on telegram: temaryz0, or skype: live:.cid.344116d3987bb9a5

  • Qtniğin 1 year ago