“Manabu was supposed to be a young but has a bright future in a well-established department store.
“Sexual harassment, power harassment, it’s disgusting.”
But Ayako, in front of the elevator, scorned with a tight glare and a smile.
She is so angry at what she did to Suzune, a junior student, that she deliberately ridicules her loudly in front of everyone.
Manabu suffers the worst of such sorrows.
He was supposed to be working as usual until yesterday, but when he felt disturbed by a sudden turn of events, he came with a security guard to investigate the situation and found a shocking scene.
“Don’t be silly, why did you do that…?”
The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the company is now in the midst of a major financial crisis, and the company’s employees are now in a position to take advantage of the situation.
In the elevator, he made her obey him right next to other customers, and exposed her lasciviousness to the outside through the glass wall, and took revenge with a punishment stick.
Manabu, who covered up his actions, began to take revenge on the women of Depaga, starting with Ayako…”

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