Shogo Kageuru, a bespectacled otaku, was called into the sports equipment closet, in which only the gyaru girls were gathered. One of them, Yua, being confident in herself, decided to play a game with this boy but lost, so in front of everyone she decided to deprive Shogo of her virginity, sitting on him, she demonstratively showed him how his penis penetrates her body! It was only after all this that Yua found herself so fascinated by Shogo’s cock that constantly remembering that moment, she began to experience strong arousal in her pussy. And as soon as she once again collides with Shogo in the corridor, she drags him into the ladies’ room in order to break away properly, pulls off his pants and suddenly begins to suck. Their bodies crave each other, and in the process of having sex, they decide to start dating! After some time, already in a relationship, the girl came to visit Shogo, he proudly told her and boasted about his collection of figurines. Jealous of him for the figure, Yua declares that she should be the only girl for him, and then begins to please him!

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